A Reading/Writing Road Map for Those Hard-To-Schedule Days    

Source  Friends, we made it!! Shocktober is in the rearview mirror and Thanksgiving break can be seen on the horizon. There is nothing I love more than the week leading up to a break for two reasons: 1. Umm… it’s THE break (no cap) and 2. It’s a week full of students coming and going […]

AI Meets AP: A Collaboration Between Top Writers and ChatGPT

Like most English teachers, my AP Literature and Composition students have a special kind of scorn for AI writing. And it makes sense: They are some of the most skilled writers in the school, and likely they feel threatened by technology that claims to replicate the skill that helped propel them to academic success, often […]

Repeat and Play: An Approach to Multilingual Writers

All writers are vulnerable, but our multilingual writers carry especially vulnerable learning identities that can be complex and enriching. As our school has grown its ELD program, we have had to adjust our instructional tools to best fit these thinkers and writers. It can sometimes feel like we are all novices: teachers and students alike. […]