This Is Letting Go, and This Is Good: A Lesson from Minute Maid (And Megan Kortlandt!)

One of the joys of a rainy Saturday afternoon when all the work is caught up and the laundry rumbles around in the washer or dryer is stretching out on my couch for a little channel surfing. Usually, a commercial break means it’s time to change the channel, but last Saturday, the break began with […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: OUR #1 POST LAST YEAR!

Y’all, it wasn’t even close. Doubling the number of views gained by our other most-popular posts is our #1 post from Hattie (@TeacherHattie): “Why This / Not That: A Thinking Routine to Move Kids from Identification to Analysis”. Enjoy!  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ One of the biggest challenges in teaching rhetorical analysis is teaching kids to move beyond identification […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: Information Writing That’s Not “The Research Paper”

I think my colleagues have learned not to bring up “the research paper” with me lest I start on a tear about how research is in every kind of writing, and researching is important but research papers aren’t, etc. I really feel strongly about it, though! All writers need to know how to gather and use research, […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: 6 Halloween-Infused Writing Ideas

Halloween in July, anyone? Last October, Allison treated us to six ideas for spooky writing. Make a note in your planner now to pull these out next October — spread them throughout the month! Or, really, use them anytime. Because all the adolescents I know love to be scared!  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Lately my son’s favorite activity […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: In Pursuit of Meaningful Feedback

Last summer, Moving Writers did an Ask Moving Writers series. A question we got again and again dealt with giving hundreds of students meaningful feedback while still teaching. And sleeping. In our 4th most popular post of 2017-2018, Tricia Ebarvia tackles this question!  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi, Elizabeth! First, thank you for asking this important question! We […]