Mentor Text Wednesday: The Empty Sentiment of The Last of Us

Mentor Text: The Empty Sentiment of The Last of Us by Jackson McHenry Techniques: Background – As a insomniac geek teacher who loves stories in pretty much any form, the combination of streaming services and the internet is a gift. There’s lots of stories to immerse myself in, and there’s lots of commentary on those stories. […]

Digital Notebooks, Remixes and Infographics: The Stealth Writing Workshop

A few weeks ago I outlined my peculiar teacher headspace this year as I face the challenge of teaching AP Lang after years of working to perfect English 11, a course I helped design from the ground up and continue to approach eagerly every day.  In that post I outlined my major goal for the […]

Bios, Threads, & Retweets: Moving Writers with Twitter Simulations

We know that writing strategies are everywhere. And, I am amazed at the amount of writing skills and strategies that are embedded into social media platforms. Although the student writer may not actually notice the author’s craft and intention that goes into well-crafted tweets, they are there in abundance, and I realized recently that these […]