The Moving Writers Community Guide to Article of the Week

Each month in the Moving Writers Community, I share a complete reading or writing unit plan from my classroom. But this month, by popular demand, I am instead sharing an 11-page e-book detailing the process and resources I use for Kelly Gallagher’s famous Article of the Week in my own classroom.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Guiding questions for choosing articles along with clickable article archives
  • A schedule for article of the week activities
  • Guiding questions for choosing reading skills and strategies to teach
  • A list of nonfiction reading skills I teach
  • Guiding questions for developing your own nonfiction reading strategies
  • Resources for nonfiction reading strategies
  • Guiding questions for exploring language in an article
  • Instructions for 4 different kinds of field notes perfect for Article of the Week
  • 7 “convocards” to help students have more productive text-based discussions
  • 4 ideas for reviewing or extending article of the week work.

Paid members of the Moving Writers Community get this e-book for free. But, if you’re not a member of the community + you’d like to purchase this resource separately (or want to share it with colleagues who aren’t members), it’s available at the link below for $8.

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