You’re Invited to My Vocabulary Instruction PLC…

Last year, I shared a lot about the language field guides I use in my classroom to help students not just memorize (and forget) words but explore words and use them to improve their reading and writing! Here are those posts:

Language Exploration That Changes Writers in 30 Minutes per Week

Field Guide Entries That Explore the Words That Mean the Most

Discovering Students’ Own Language Through Field Guides

Discovering Language to Help Us Write

This school year, some of us want to dig even deeper as we help students wonder about words, research words, and build connections with words! I’m hosting a PLC, a series of asynchronous learning modules to help you and your students do real word-work in the pockets of time you already have in your instruction.

Here are some details:

Head here for registration options!


  1. Hello! I am trying to purchase the first session of the field note guide, but am unable to do so online. No matter what I click on, it dos not pop up. Can you help?


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