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We started Moving Writers almost 7 years ago to help teachers and to start a bigger, broader conversation about teaching writing. We wanted to help classroom teachers and provide resources that would ultimately impact the education and lives of students. 

Of course, those goals can’t come to fruition until the voices on this site truly represent all teachers and, thus, all students. We can’t serve those whose voices aren’t here.

We have been painfully aware of our lack of full diversity among the writing staff for a while now. And while we have made some attempts to remedy that, we’ve ultimately failed. In reality, we are and have been a site with mostly white writers.  We acknowledge that our hearts being in the right place isn’t enough when, ultimately, we’ve been complacent. 

We had planned a packed summer of professional development for you, but we are postponing those projects indefinitely while we get our house in order. Instead, we are going to shutter Moving Writers for the summer to make these most-important changes: 

  • Bringing on BIPOC contributing writers
  • Expanding our focus to K-12 writing 


You can find our call for new writers here.


Our plan is the relaunch in the fall, but, to be honest, we need your help. We will be working hard to find new writers through multiple paths we’ve identified. But we also need you to share this call with ALL of the amazing writing teachers you know (K-5 writing teachers and coaches, secondary writing teachers and coaches), but especially BIPOC teachers whose voices we really need to hear.

We need our community in order to become the kind of community we want to be. A community where every writing teacher has a voice. 



  1. We completely understand. Between that and the “different” school year ahead, I’ve snoozed almost everyone while I regroup. I am glad that I was able to attend your workshop in April because I got so many ideas for what my digital classroom can look like. Thanks!

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