Let’s Press Pause for a Second


Dear readers,

We’ve been promising that we would announce our summer professional development offerings on June 1, but that’s just not right today. We promise that information will be forthcoming soon, but right now we need to pause.

We are saddened, horrified, and angered by the killing of unarmed Black men and women in this country — always, and especially over the last few weeks: Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd. So, the summer learning we need to do right now isn’t about writing instruction … it’s about becoming increasingly aware of our own deeply-buried biases, looking squarely at the wounds of our brothers and sisters of color that we cannot begin to comprehend as white Americans, and listening with open hearts so that we can go back into schools and contribute to the dismantling of the systemic racism that is literally killing Americans.

To that end, this article struck a chord with us over the weekend.

Here is a document that’s been making the rounds of anti-racism resources for white people.

Here are places you can donate to make a difference and offer support to organizations fighting white supremacy:

Instagram, @EllaMosco

We will be back soon with some exciting summer learning opportunities for your July and August. For now, let’s learn together in ways that are absolutely fundamental to our humanity and our role as educators.

Sending you love & peace wherever you are,

Rebekah & Allison

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