What’s Saving My Life: A Moving Writers Series for a New School Year


Happy New Year, friends! We hope you are rested and excited for a new school year!

We are excited for a new blogging year, too! This year on Moving Writers, you’ll see a couple of new faces (our friend Noah Waspe (@mrwteach) and the amazing, intrepid Kristin Bond (@ReadWriteMore). And you’ll also see more cohesive, thematically-linked content from each writer as we take on a certain “beat” for the first semester! For instance, you’ll be able to count on seeing scaffolds for writing workshop skills from Allison every other Monday; Noah is going to write about lessons that go wrong … and how to recover from them; Hattie will be writing each month about research skills and information writing.

But for these first  weeks of September, we’re going to write a series together! With all of that back-to-school excitement comes back-to-school anxiety and overwhelm. If you’re like me, the instant I see my new students, half of those big, grand plans I hatched over the summer fly right out of my head!

So, how do we start the year on the right foot? What are the little, tiny things that are saving our teacher lives right now as we endeavor to kick off this enormous teaching adventure one more time? Starting tomorrow, each day for the next two weeks one of our writers will share something that is saving their life right now and might just save yours!

What is saving YOUR life right now, big or small? How are you moving through the haze of the first weeks of school? Leave a comment here or find us at our Moving Writers Facebook page  to weigh in! 

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